Raja Ampat means the “Four Kings” which were ruling over Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool.

As Raja Ampat is a Protected Area, since over 16 years, some places explode with dense fish life and amazing soft and hard coral formations. The archipelago includes over 1’500 small islands and has an incredible amount of beautiful over and underwater landscapes, awaiting you to explore.

Hundreds of white sandy beaches and beautiful scenic landscapes, are breathtaking also above the water. Almost every day, we offer 3 day dives and one night dive, except for the day of the crossing to the Misool.

Day 1
Embarkation in Sorong, West Papua
The crew will pick you up at the airport or in your hotel in Sorong.
After the general briefing, we will be cruising towards Kri Island in the Dampier Strait.

Day 2
Dampier Strait
Amazing Divesites like: Blue Magic, Sardines or Cape Kri are awaiting you, with a very vibrant fish life, tasseled wobbegong shark or even the chance of Manta Rays.

Day 3
Gam and Penemu
Amazing softcorals at Citrus Ridge and amazing hardcoral reefs at Penemu and Batu Rufus, where schooling fish and thousands of Anthias dancing above very pristine hard coral formations.
A sightseeing small hike, to a spectacular viewpoint is on the program for the afternoon.
The view over turquoise bays and limestone formations is something, out of this world, it is almost too beautiful, to be true.

Day 4
Several small bays in the south of Batanta Island offer spectacular muck dives, with chances of very rare and special nudy branches, mantis shrimps, ghostpipe fishes and all kinds of colorful muck creatures.

Day 5
North East Misool: Farondi, Balbulol or Daram
After one night of crossing, to the south eastern part of Misool, has many options of different dive sites. Not only current, also visibility can affect our choice of islands and dive sites. Usually we choose the best options according to possibilities to see mobula rays and clouds of baitfish at some islands. We usually choose the best option. Some of the Misool dive sites were rated amongst top 10, worldwide.

Day 6
A chain of small Rocks and Islands are well protected by the Misool foundation and an incredible amount of barracudas, Jacks, Napoleon Wrasses, Barramundi and Gray Reef Sharks will surround you during dives at e.g. Tank and Nudy Rock.

Day 7
Magic Mountain and Boo Windows, offer some of the most incredible dives in the Misool area. The chances are high, to see Oceanic and Reef Mantas at one site together. For the night dive, the chances are very high, to see the small Raja Ampat Epaulete, or Walking Shark.

Day 8
Wayil with Batu Barracuda and the Four Kings, offer beautiful landscapes and buzzing Reefs with impressive landscapes. Optional again a possibility, to climb up some stairs, for an incredible view over a heart shaped lagoon.

Day 9
Wagmab Farondi
In the morning a choice of quite different divesites, according to current and seasonal factors. Some of the possible dives are Caves and Walls or Razor Back Rock.
Very nutrition rich currents are passing through narrow channels. The soft corals are at the right current, completely open and offer almost unreal landscapes with beautiful colors.
Also diving through some beautifully covered tunnels and into quite open caves and cathedrals.

Day 10
There are several choices in this area and they offer with good luck, clouds of Silversides and with luck some Mobula Rays, chasing through these clouds of silver thunderstorms. This event could happen on many other dive sites in Misool, depending very much on seasons, sometimes not predictable.
After the last dive, we usually offer another scenic speed boat ride, through amazing lagoons and beautiful rock formations.
The crew will wash your equipment and we will lift the anchor, coming back through Selat Sele, to Sorong.

Day 11
Disembarkation in Sorong
Depending on your flight departure, our crew will bring you to the airport in Sorong.

Because of the weather or coordination with other operators, we sometimes could start in Misool and end the cruise in the central part of Raja Ampat.

This is just a sample itinerary and we keep the right to be flexible. Changes of this itineraries are common and not fixed, according to weather conditions.

There are seasonal events, like the spawn of massive clouds of silversides, big action at different Manta cleaning stations and we do our best, by adjusting our itinerary to seasonal events.