Halmahera itinerary

This cruise offers great Biodiversity, starting in the Lembeh Strait, with amazing muck dives, taking the best spots of Halmahera on the way to Misool of southern Raja Ampat.

Day 1
Embarkation in Bitung, Lembeh Strait.
The crew will come and pick you up in your hotel or at the airport in Manado. After a one hour ride to the port of Bitung, you will board the Ocean Rover, in the Lembeh Strait . As soon as everything is set after a briefing, we will offer at least a check dive and a night dive in the famous Lembeh Strait.

Day 2
Tifore Island
A remote Island, with big chances of schooling barracudas, beautiful hard corals, bumphead parrotfish and vibrant reefs.

Day 3
Goraici Islands
Group of small islands and impressive rock formations. Current rich dives, bring massive schooling fishes, like fusiliers, surgeon fishes, and rainbow runners, sharks and with luck some manta rays.

Day 4
Kusu & Saleh Islands
In the Strait between Bacan and Halmahera, are quite current intense, but with the right choice of the divesite, a firework of anthias amongst very healthy coral formations, can be found in this area. Besides clouds of schooling fishes, the encounter of black tip reef sharks, during every dive is very common.

Day 5
Kusu & Saleh Islands
This strait offers diving for two days during our crossing to Raja Ampat. Several smaller islands are building a natural barrier in the strait, with very healthy hard and soft coral formations. The choice of the dive sites is depending a lot on the currents. The local area offers more than 70 different dive sites.

Day 6
Pulau Pisang
On our way to Misool, we will stop for a full day of diving at the Pisang Island. Exposed corners and beautiful reefs, are a guarantee for pelagic fishes, like tuna, makrels and sharks.
After 3 dives, we will navigate towards the southern side of Misool.

Day 7
Pele Misool
Fascinating dives at Kaleidoscope, Pulau Kecil and Toblerone, are a great start into one of the best diving areas in the world.
Buzzing reefs and beautiful coral formations are fascinating divers on every dive. The dive site Kaleidoscope is earning the name from a very colorful ridge with dense soft coral growth.

Day 8
A chain of small Rocks and Islands are well protected by the Misool foundation and an incredible amount of barracudas, Jacks, Napoleon Wrasses, Barramundi and Gray Reef Sharks will surround you during dives at e.g. Tank and Nudy Rock.

Day 9
Magic Mountain and Boo Windows, offer some of the most incredible dives in the Misool area. The chances are high, to see Oceanic and Reef Mantas at one site together. For the night dive, the chances are very high, to see the small Raja Ampat Epaulete, or Walking Shark.

Day 10
There are several choices in this area and they offer with good luck, clouds of Silversides and with luck some Mobula Rays, chasing through these clouds of silver thunderstorms. This event could happen on many other dive sites in Misool, depending very much on seasons, sometimes not predictable.
After the last dive, we usually offer another scenic speed boat ride, through amazing lagoons and beautiful rock formations.
The crew will wash your equipment and we will lift the anchor, coming back through Selat Sele, to Sorong.

Day 11
Disembarkation in Sorong
Depending on your flight departure, our crew will bring you to the airport in Sorong.

This is just a sample itinerary and we keep the right to be flexible. Changes of this itineraries are common and not fixed, according to weather conditions.